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There are a variety of pest risks in commercial buildings which could cost you customers and products.

Here are a few of the risks for various types of businesses, as well as reasons why you want to take a proactive approach to pest control with your facility:

Industrial, Manufacturing, Warehouse, Office

  • Building Conditions
  • Neighbors’ businesses are attractive to pests
  • Type of inventory on site
  • Food served on site
  • Inaccessible wires (that rodents like to chew)


  • Avoid anxiety and health risks for customers and employees
  • Avert damage to inventory
  • Protect your good name

Property Management

  • Keep your occupancy rate and reputation high
  • Proactive approach to inspect for food, water and shelter pest opportunities
  • Our technicians are very discreet and disarming around tenants

Restaurants & Bars

  • Keep pests away and keep your good reputation
  • Customers judge you by your food, service and cleanliness – pests think the same way
  • Natural methods of fly control


  • Major concern for cross-contamination
  • Natural products for high sensitivity areas
  • Proactive approach is a must