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The three most important things in pest control are, clean, clean, clean! Pests HATE clean and especially the products you use to clean with.

Below is a list of 12 items that you should do today to help prevent a pest problem tomorrow!

  1. Clean up leftover food
  2. Wash all dirty dishes after each meal
  3. Store all food in tightly sealed containers
  4. Discard any infested materials or food items
  5. Don’t leave pet food bowls full of food
  6. Keep refrigerators, stoves and microwaves clean and free of spills
  7. Take trash out daily and away from the building
  8. Keep areas dry by removing standing waters and items that are wet or have been damaged by water
  9. Rid yourself of clutter
  10. Vacuum once a day
  11. Don’t prop open doors, windows or screens
  12. Avoid the use of shelf paper